Hermes Clemence Taurillon Leather

The luxurious Hermes Clemence leather is also known as the Taurillon leather. It’s one of the most popular Hermes leathers. Taurillon means “young bull” in French. This leather is made … Read more

Hermes Epsom Leather

Hermes Epsom leather is one of the brand’s most famous materials. It’s the preferred leather for Hermes Kelly bags for many people because it’s very durable, scratch, and water-resistant. Plus … Read more

Chanel Caviar Leather

Chanel caviar leather is one of the brand’s main types of luxury leather used for their most popular handbags. This type of leather is very popular durable, and low-maintenance. Classic … Read more

Hermes Ostrich Leather

Hermes ostrich leather is made from the skin of ostrich birds. It’s one of the brand’s most popular exotic skins, alongside alligator, and is the most durable of all exotics. … Read more