Chanel Lambskin Leather

Chanel lambskin is the brand’s smoothest and softest leather. It’s probably Chanel’s most sophisticated and delicate material.

Most people who own Chanel lambskin bags and accessories describe them as “buttery soft”.

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What is Chanel lambskin leather?

Chanel lambskin is leather made from the hide of young sheep.

It has a fine luxurious finish and an incredibly gorgeous appearance.

Unlike the famous Chanel caviar that is made from calfskin, lambskin is so finely grained that it has a soft and smooth texture.

This material is treated as little as possible to preserve its natural ultra-softness.

Lambskin is amazing to the touch. It’s super-smooth, buttery soft, and flexible, while caviar feels more “plastic”.

Chanel lambskin bags are also always more lightweight than the brand’s caviar bags.

Chanel lambskin leather wear and tear

The beautiful and ultra-soft lambskin has a few drawbacks.

First, since it’s so smooth and barely treated, it’s less durable than caviar leather.

Caviar bags are virtually indestructible but lambskin Chanel bags can be scratched pretty easily.

If you wear your lambskin bag often it will almost inevitably get scratched. The paint may also come off, especially on the corners and edges.

You should also avoid getting your Chanel lambskin bag wet. Never wear it in the rain and keep it away from perfumes or lotions.

In addition to that, light-colored bags are susceptible to color transfer.

Some people, however, report that Chanel lambskin leather bags are not as fragile as everyone believes.

I think it depends on the way you wear your bags. You have to handle them with care.

Chanel lambskin bags are not really suitable for rough daily wear. They are mostly special occasion luxury bags or everyday purses for people who baby their bags.

Also, if you don’t like stiff or structured bags then the softer and slouchier lambskin would be your best bet.

Iridescent lambskin

Chanel lambskin leather

Iridescent lambskin by Chanel is released pretty rarely.

It’s a shiny lambskin with a gorgeous mother of pearl sheen that comes in a variety of colors, including pastels.

The surface of this leather changes color in different lighting and depending on the viewing angle.

Chanel has released all their most popular models, including the classic flap, both mini flaps, Chanel 19, Boy bags, and WOCs in iridescent leather over the years.

Iridescent lambskin is a lot softer than iridescent caviar.

That’s why it’s also more fragile.

It’s even less sturdy than the traditional Chanel lambskin leather because the coating is susceptible to peeling.

For sure, iridescent lambskin bags are not meant to be used as everyday bags. They are truly special occasion purses.

These bags look stunning and will help you get lots of compliments.

Metallic lambskin

Chanel lambskin leather

In addition to iridescent lambskin purses, Chanel also makes metallic-coated lambskin bags.

They are incredibly gorgeous but are also more fragile and high-maintenance than regular lambskin bags.

The metallic coating can rub off or become dull over time.

So again, this kind of lambskin is only good for a night out, not for everyday wear.

What products does Chanel make from this material?

Of course, the most famous bag that Chanel makes in lambskin is their classic flap.

Chanel lambskin CF has been released in lots of different colors over the years.

The super-popular square and rectangular mini bags come in all colors of lambskin leather too.

In fact, Chanel mini bags are currently only available in lambskin and are no longer made in caviar leather.

The main materials that Chanel uses for its 19 bags are goatskin and soft and pliable lambskin.

Chanel boy bags used to only be available in lambskin but later they were also released in caviar.

The brand makes all kinds of small leather goods, including wallets, WOCs (wallets-on-chain), clutches, phone cases, and card holders in this leather too.

Lambskin leather is also used for making shoes. It’s very comfortable and stretchy.

For example, the trendy Chanel espadrilles are made from this leather.

Lambskin has shape memory and always adapts to the shape of your foot.

That’s why lambskin shoes are easy to break-in. Even if you feel your shoes are a bit too tight and narrow when you try them on they will stretch out and mold to your feet.

Chanel lambskin leather care and maintenance

Lambskin bags are higher maintenance bags than caviar purses.

While caviar basically requires very little care, lambskin bags need to be moisturized with a leather conditioner pretty often.

If your bag gets dull or dry gently rub the leather conditioner over its surface using a special leather buffing cloth to moisturize your purse and make it easier to clean.

The conditioner must be wax-free and uncolored. So it won’t make your lambskin stiff or alter its color.

Even Chanel SAs often recommend their clients to use a premium conditioner to treat their bags.

This can make the bag’s leather feel more supple and flexible.

To clean your bag, wipe it with a dry soft leather buffing cloth from time to time.

Don’t clean it with water or you may get water stains on the surface.

Use a special oil and wax-free leather cleaner or lotion to keep your Chanel lambskin bag clean.

Avoid putting your bag out in the rain or getting it in contact with any other liquids. Water or chemicals may damage the delicate leather.

Keep all sharp items, liquids, and makeup in pouches and cosmetic bags when you place them inside your purse to prevent spillages that can ruin your bag.

It’s a good idea to use a special leather protector for handbags to prevent color transfer or water stains.

This protectant is especially good for light-colored bags.

Lambskin can get dented easily.

That’s why you should always store your bag in a dust bag with its chain tucked inside.

You can also wrap it in a layer of acid-free tissue paper for extra protection.

Plus, stuff the bag with acid-free tissue paper to help it hold its shape.

In addition to that, Chanel recommends wrapping straps and chains in tissue paper too.

It’s also a good idea to put something soft like a microfiber cloth or a cotton disk between the chain and the interior flap to prevent the flap from being dented.

Keep the bag away from light, heat, moisture, perfumes, oil, and acetone.

Don’t overstuff your bag when you wear it to preserve its shape.

And of course, avoid prolonged contact of light leather with dark materials, like denim, to prevent color transfer.

Always keep a larger bag or a rain protector for bags if you get under the rain.

Final thoughts

If you love the look and feel of the soft and luxurious Chanel lambskin leather then you should definitely buy it. It looks stunning and is buttery soft to the touch.

Just keep in mind that lambskin bags are high maintenance and are not meant for running errands. You shouldn’t be too hard on these bags.

They are a lot less durable than caviar bags and thus may have lower resale value because they don’t hold up as well as caviar purses.

So you may want to buy a gorgeous lambskin bag for special occasions and a caviar bag for daily wear.

Since caviar often gets sold out faster than lambskin you actually have a better chance to score a great Chanel lambskin bag both in the official stores and on the preloved market.

Anyway, don’t be afraid to use your bag, just handle it with care and enjoy it