Hermes Lindy Size Comparison

Hermes Lindy is available in five sizes: size 20, 26, 30, 34, and 45. The numbers signify the width of each bag in cm.

In fact, all Hermes bag sizes correspond to their width in centimeters.

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Originally this bag came in 4 sizes, and in 2019 Hermes introduced the 20 cm Mini version.

Lindy is not a quota bag and is occasionally even available for sale through the brand’s online store.

That’s why you can sometimes choose the size that fits you and your lifestyle best instead of agreeing to the first option that is offered to you.

Hermes Lindy has a unique shape.

It’s boxy but at the same time, it’s soft and collapsible.

So bear in mind that when the bag is packed to the brim it won’t collapse in the middle.

If you want it to collapse you’ll need to leave room for that at the top.

That’s why you may need to get a bigger bag to fit all your belonging.

Some people love the look of their bag collapsed in the middle, while others prefer to keep the boxy shape by stuffing their bag.

It’s a matter of personal preference.

The size you choose should also suit your frame so it’s best to try different sizes of this bag on before you buy it.

Hermes Lindy Size Comparison

Hermes Lindy 20 (Mini)

Hermes Lindy 20 is also known as the Mini Lindy.

This bag is a recent addition to the brand’s lineup.

It was introduced in 2019 and everyone immediately went crazy for this cute and casual purse.

Now it’s one of the most popular Lindy bag sizes.

It’s compact and includes a long leather strap. This strap is much longer than the strap on other Lindy bags.

So it’s the only Hermes Lindy bag size that you can comfortably wear crossbody. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular.

This bag actually has the same width as Chanel Rectangular Mini Classic Flap.

But it has a slightly larger depth than a Chanel Mini.

The Mini Lindy purse looks much prettier than other Hermes Lindy bag sizes and fits quite a lot of stuff for such a small bag.

However, many people believe that Lindy bags of all sizes look best when they collapse in the middle.

So if you want this little bag to collapse you’ll have to make room for this so it will fit less stuff.

Hermes Lindy 26

Hermes Lindy 26 is probably the most popular size of Lindy bags.

It’s just 1 cm wider than the 25 cm Chanel CF but, thanks to its boxy shape, can fit a lot more.

For example, you can use it to carry a mobile phone, plus a wallet, cardholders, keys or a key pouch, makeup, like lipsticks and compact powder, sunglasses, masks, and sanitizer.

As with all Lindy bags, you may need to leave out some items to make room for the top to collapse.

But if you expand it this bag will fit quite a lot.

You may want to try this bag on before you buy it.

But Lindy 26 is very popular on the preloved market.

It’s often priced above the original Hermes price.

So if you snatch this bag online and it doesn’t fit your frame or lifestyle you can rehome it pretty easily.

Lindy 26 is a good bag for everyday use and for wearing to work. It looks elegant and structured but at the same time relaxed and casual.

Hermes Lindy 30

This bag fits a lot of stuff.

It fits all the essentials that a Lindy 26 fits, plus it has room for some additional items, like an umbrella or a water bottle.

It’s a perfect daily bag.

Hermes Lindy 30 is pretty good for travel too.

However, it still doesn’t fit a laptop.

It won’t fit any papers or folders either.

The standard letter size paper is 28 cm in length, but it won’t fit inside Lindy 30.

Plus, the bag is collapsible and that makes it even harder to place papers or folders inside.

Hermes Lindy 30 is still considered to be a medium-sized bag.

It looks wonderful on taller people.

But due to its boxy shape, it may look like a duffle bag on a very small frame.

So if you’re petite you may want to opt for a smaller bag, such as Lindy 26.

In addition to being quite large, Hermes Lindy 30 in Clemence can be pretty heavy, over 1 kg (2 pounds).

It’s still not too much weight to carry but this bag may not be for you if you like lighter purses.

You can get a Swift or ostrich leather Lindy, they are a lot more lightweight.

Some people who’ve bought this bag report that the length of the strap on this particular size makes Lindy 30 uncomfortable to wear over the shoulder. So you may want to get a larger or a smaller Lindy if this problem applies to you.

Hermes Lindy 34

This is an even larger size than the already substantially big Hermes Lindy 30.

Most people believe this size to be too big for being used as a daily bag.

It may look like a duffle bag on a petite frame.

It’s also pretty heavy, especially in Clemence leather that’s notorious for
its heavy weight.

So you may want to get it in Swift leather as it weighs less than Clemence.

A big plus of this bag is that some Hermes customers report that Lindy 34 has the most convenient length of the shoulder strap.

This Hermes Lindy size is also great to use as a men’s bag.

Lindy 34 looks a bit stiff and boxy. You may need to wear it for some time to break it in and make it slouchier.

Lindy 45

Hermes Lindy 45 is also known as Lindy Voyage.

This is the largest Hermes Lindy bag size.

This bag looks like an enlarged version of smaller Lindy purses but has a few differences.

It’s proportionally longer, plus it has 9 metal feet instead of the usual 5.

Lindy 45 is perfect for travel and it was actually released by Hermes as an elegant alternative to a duffel bag.

You can use it as a luxurious and high-quality overnight bag or a carry-on bag.

Lindy 45 is perfect as a travel bag for men too.

It’s also may be nice for work because this size is big enough to fit a laptop or papers.

However, it may not the best choice as a daily bag due to its size and weight.

The downside of Hermes Lindy 45 is that it’s very heavy since it’s so large and is usually made of heavyweight Clemence leather.

The strap is long enough for it to be worn crossbody but, unlike the Mini Lindy, it’s too uncomfortable to wear it like that because of the weight.

Your neck and shoulder may start to hurt.

It also looks comically big when worn messenger-style.

Final thoughts

Hermes Lindy has 5 sizes.

Lindy 20 makes a cute compact crossbody bag.

Hermes Lindy 26 is a popular everyday bag that fits all the essentials.

Lindy 30 is another popular everyday bag that fits all the essentials plus some more stuff. It may be a bit too large and heavy though.

Lindy 34 is a large and heavy bag but it fits a lot, is great for travel, and has a very convenient shoulder strap.

Lindy 45 is the travel version of Lindy but it’s pretty heavy.