Hermes Calvi Card Holder Review

Hermes Calvi is the brand’s most popular card holder. It’s a perfect entry-level item to buy as a gift or as your first Hermes piece.

Calvi looks very simple, with no flashy logos or fancy details. But it’s cute and is one of the most functional small leather goods on the market. And I believe it’s the best SLG item Hermes has ever made. I really love it!

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Hermes Calvi is a symmetrical foldable wallet.

It has a snap closure and two compartments where you can place your cards or bills.

Hermes also manufactures another card holder named Bastia, which has a different shape.

Don’t confuse the Calvi card holder with the Hermes Calvi pouch.

The pouch is much bigger because it’s a small clutch, not a card holder.

Hermes Calvi Card Holder Review

Hermes Calvi card holder story

Hermes Calvi card holder is part of the brand’s collection that pays tribute to the regions of France.

This wallet is named after the Corsican town of Calvi.

Hermes Calvi size

Hermes Calvi measures 2.8″L x 4.1″H.

This card holder is very compact and neat.

Calvi is slim and lightweight.

It fits comfortably in your hand and is ideal for small purses.

What fits in a Hermes Calvi card holder

The best use for Calvi is storing cards.

This card holder is not too flat, which makes it different from most designer card holders.

Other brands leave just a few card slots where you need to squeeze your cards in.

However, Calvi has a lot more room.

And your cards are not confined to a predefined number of slots.

This wallet has two compartments instead of slots.

Calvi card holder can hold about 5-6 cards on each side, up to a total of 12 cards.

You can put credit cards, gift cards, membership cards, bus cards, ID cards, and your driver’s license there.

Even if you put 6 cards inside there will be no bulging because Calvi is really well-constructed.

Of course, the size of the cards that you place in this wallet should be equal to or smaller than the standard credit card size. Larger cards or other items won’t fit.

Hermes Calvi is perfect for cash too.

You can put folded bills and coins into both compartments.

You can also store both cards and cash in this wallet.

Calvi snaps closed and nothing will fall out of it.

It’s a lot more secure than other card holders with open slots, which can stretch after a while.

In addition to that, Hermes Calvi is great for storing business cards.

I’ve been able to fit up to 50 business cards inside my Calvi Rose Azalee, with 25 cards in each compartment.

Again, you should place the standard-sized 3.5″x 2″ business cards there because larger cards may not fit.

However, Calvi is really multi-functional and roomy.

So you can also store receipts, notes, tissues, medicine, band-aids, and earphones in Calvi’s slots.

That’s why many people use a Calvi card holder in place of a wallet.

You can even keep jewelry there when you’re traveling.

Hermes Calvi colors

Calvi comes in a whole rainbow of pretty colors.

You can get a matching card holder for every handbag that you own or for any outfit.

You can also match Calvi with your other small leather goods.

I love brightly colored Calvi wallets.

Some people even get several Calvi card holders and either rotate them or wear them together, keeping cash in one wallet and cards in the other.

Most Calvi wallets have matching exterior and interior. But there are a few bi-color card holders from the Verso collection available too.

Hermes Calvi card holder leathers

Hermes Calvi comes in several kinds of leather.

The most common 3 are Epsom, Chevre Mysore, and Evercolor.

But Calvi is also available in exotic skins, like croc and ostrich.

Hermes Epsom calfskin Calvi

Hermes Epsom leather is made from calfskin with a fine and regular machine-printed grain.

Epsom is firmer and sturdier than Chevre so you may want to choose this leather because your Epsom Calvi card holder will last longer without damage. It will also hold its shape better.

An Epsom Hermes Calvi is more durable than a Chevre Calvi.

Epsom is a low-maintenance leather. It’s scratch-resistant and holds its shape well. So your card holder won’t look worn after a substantial amount of use.

It’s also easy to care for an Epsom Calvi.

You’ll just need to wipe it clean with a dry leather buffing cloth from time to time or with a cloth and a bit of wax-free leather lotion and that’s about it.

Most people who know Hermes well prefer to buy Epsom small leather goods because they hold up well.

A downside of Epsom leather is that it looks and feels a bit plasticky.

Another drawback of Epsom is that it may be too stiff. That’s why it sometimes wears down on the corners and edges, and the leather grains may rub down a bit.

If that happens you can try to touch up the worn-out spots with a quick color dye repairer.

Hermes Chevre Mysore goatskin Calvi

Chevre leather is not as sturdy and durable as Epsom leather.

It’s also scratch-resistant but it can dent easily.

Chevre Mysore Calvi may start showing signs of wear sooner than an Epsom wallet.

A Chevre Calvi can also become softer after time.

However, Chevre leather doesn’t feel as “plasticky” as Epsom. It has a more pleasant supple feel, even though it’s a bit dry.

So if you prefer nicer-feeling and supple small leather goods then choose a Chevre Calvi card holder.

Chevre leather is easy to clean too. Just wipe your Chevre Hermes Calvi with a dry leather buffing cloth from time to time to keep it tidy.

Or carefully clean it with a special colorless leather lotion. It doesn’t cause any discoloration and helps to buff out minor scratches.

Avoid using baby wipes for cleaning luxury items.

Hermes Evercolor calfskin Calvi

Hermes Evercolor is a firm type of calfskin with a matte and appearance and a texture similar to Togo leather.

It’s pretty hard and is mostly used by Hermes for manufacturing small leather goods, including Calvi card holders.

This leather is durable and scratch-resistant.

It’s called Evercolor because it absorbs dyes better than any other Hermes leather. That’s why it comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors.

It requires the same basic care routine as other leathers. Clean it with a buffing cloth and use leather lotion from time to time.

Hermes Calvi hardware

Every Calvi card holder has one palladium-plated snap button closure only.

There’s no other hardware on this item.

Final thoughts

Calvi is a great entry-level Hermes item and one of the brand’s best small leather goods.

It’s compact but surprisingly roomy and functional.

You can use it for storing lots of cards, cash, coins, and other stuff you want to keep organized in your purse.

Calvi is low-maintenance and fits in a small purse.

You can buy it in a large variety of colors and leathers.